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Sunday, May 6, 2012

after multi-boot install, windows no longer boots from grub

On a macbook pro 8.2 (2011), I had triple-boot working with macos, windows 7, and ubuntu 10.04. My partitions are as follows:

/dev/sda1 fat32 /boot/efi (I think macos uses this to boot)

/dev/sd2 unknown Macintosh (this is the main mac partition)

/dev/sda3 hfs+ Recovery HD (mac recovery)

/dev/sd4 htfs Bootcamp (windows partition, set up by mac bootcamp)

/dev/sda5 ext4 / (ubuntu partition, which I created after installing windows)

Macos has its own boot system. If I hold down alt/option, I can select the mac partition and it boots that. Otherwise, it went to the grub menu after a few seconds and I could select either windows or linux and either would boot just fine.

I installed ubuntu 12.04 over the previous ubuntu 10.04 on /dev/sda5 (and told it to install grub on that same partition which I think is what I did when I previously installed 10.04), it installed fine and both macos and ubuntu work just like they did before. But when I select windows from the grub menu, I just get a blank screen with the message "error: not a valid root device. Press any key to continue..."

When I press a key (or wait a few seconds) it just takes me back to the grub menu.

I've been looking around for hours but can't find the solution. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks in advance.

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