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Monday, May 7, 2012

Fedora 16 Kernel upgrade broke system - kernel panic and unable to boot

Hi All,

I've already posted the following problem on the Fedora Forums and didn't get a reply, so have decided to come back to LQ and try here in the hope someone can help :)

Fedora 16.x86_64

Kernel 3.3.2-1.fc16.x86_64

NVidia binary blob.

Well, I thought it would never happen to me, but I installed a kernel update 3 days ago and its borked my system - and as luck would have it, this is my pride-and-joy "production" machine... BAH.

On rebooting, I just got the message:


Kernel Panic - not synching: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (0,0)

I had two old kernels available, but discovered I couldn't now boot from either of those either - I got the blue lines to indicate the OS was loading, but then at the end they froze. Checking the verbose output showed it was sticking at:


Started LSB: Automatically install DKMS modules for new kernels (OK)

I burnt a copy of the DVD .ISO and booted off that into rescue mode... so far so good. I discovered there was an incomplete yum transaction pending. Running a quick



fixed that bit, but I was still unable to boot.

I was able to get an ethernet connection working, and ran yum-update and yum-upgrade much installed another new kernel, but still no joy. I tried running


yum reinstall kernel

for each of my three kernels in turn, but that told me that the kernel wasn't available.

I've tried a few things, and have ended up uninstalling both newer kernels, leaving me with just the one last known-good kernel. I checked that the initrd /boot/initramfs-kernel-version.img existed for the kernel version I was tying to boot in /boot/, but that all looked in order (I tried running dracut --force anyway).

At some point (I can't remember exactly where, and I'm not at the machine at the moment) I got this output that seems to show what the problem is:


E: FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/3.1.0-7.fc16.x86_64/modules.dep:

No such file or directory

find: @/lib/modes/3/1/0-7.fc16.x86_64/@ : No such file or directory

So - my question is this - how do I reload (or rebuild?) that particular kernel module? Or is my system completely borked? I have to confess I'm rapidly reaching the outer limits of my Fedora knowledge on this one, and most fixes I've read assume the ability to choose a working kernel at the grub boot screen, which I don't have...




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