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Monday, May 14, 2012

How're today's *nixes with switchable graphics? Looking for new laptop

Hey all, hope your day is going well.

I'm on the market for a new mobile computer, but it seems the majority of laptops I have interest in have both integrated graphics (Generally Intel's HD Graphics 3000) and some dedicated hardware as well (specifics vary). However, they all talk about their features and battery life from a Windows perspective. I'm not buying a laptop with the intention of prioritizing Windows functionality.

My question is whether or not Linux, FreeBSD, or some other *nix system support switchable graphics. And if not, I'm curious as to whether there is another solution that I'm blatantly missing for a laptop with graphics capable of CAD applications and with six-seven hour battery life.

I've done some looking around and found sites like this blogspot and this wiki, but neither seem too confident/ready to be deployed .

Two quick examples of products I would love to run Linux on are the Samsung Series 7 and the Lenovo T420, both of which feature switchable graphics, with Radeon and Nvidia graphics respectively -- I'd be open to suggestions, however.


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