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Friday, June 29, 2012

"File exists" error in Chapter 6.2 (Preparing Virtual Kernel File System)

Hello, I am seeking your assistance today regarding a rather mysterious error I am getting while trying to work my way through LFS version 7.1.

So far, I went through chapter 5 with out incident. I followed every command in the book, and both sanity checks came back good. At the end of chapter 5 I noticed the note that said to change to root and check that $LFS was set in root's environment so I did the following:


lfs@Miranda:/mnt/lfs/sources$ su - root


root@Miranda:~# export LFS=/mnt/lfs

root@Miranda:~# echo $LFS


Assuming this was done correctly, I continued with the book and changed ownership of $LFS/tools from lfs to root by doing this:


root@Miranda:~# chown -R root:root $LFS/tools

Now here is where things get messed up, the book (in section 6.2) wants me to create a few directories for the file systems to be mounted it wants me to enter:


mkdir -v $LFS/{dev,proc,sys}

upon doing this the outcome is not very favorable. I get this:


root@Miranda:~# mkdir -v $LFS/{dev,proc,sys}

mkdir: cannot create directory `/mnt/lfs/dev': File exists

mkdir: cannot create directory `/mnt/lfs/proc': File exists

mkdir: cannot create directory `/mnt/lfs/sys': File exists

I'm at a loss due to limited Linux experience. I am working on a VM, with Ubuntu 12.04 host. I hesitate to continue because the book doesn't say that this is a normal situation, would any of you happen to have any idea why it's doing this?

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