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Friday, June 29, 2012

Starting from "scratch", AGAIN, LOL!

Hello World, Doggone ya'! Howdy from the Radio Ranch.

After thinking about it and yes, I could buy a pre-made computer cheaper. I've decided to build one last box to last

me the rest of my LIFE.

I would like to have a full tower case, with as many 5¼" slots as possible and a place for a 3¼" hard floppy drive. Of the 5¼ slots I'll need one for a DVD burner/player, CD burner player, 5¼" high density disk drive(Yes, I still have some old M$ DOS floppies that I'd like to run and if still available, a knob and slider audio equalizer. There also must be places for a couple of USB ports as well. I've seen some of the tower cases, but they all have clear, side "windows" to see inside. I know what's inside,

why should I look at it? Maybe what I'm looking for is a server case. Cooler Master?

For the mobo, I'd like a quad-core with at least 6 gigs of RAM and all the bells & whistles. Now here I'm stumped. Do I need a RAID board? OR another particular type of system? I'd like it to have on-board video & audio. I don't hear as well, with a 60% hearing loss and I'm developing cataracts, so "average" fits

me just fine

I'd like to add some cooling fans to keep the heat off key components. Too bad they don't make a set-up with freon, LOL!

Power supply has to be in excess of 700 watts. I'm not a "gamer", but I want all the power I can should I need it.

The hard drive should be a 1 terabyte with the option to add others as needed, externally.

So, does anyone have any "ideas"? I'm all ears.

Respectfully submitted,



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